The Best Way To property valuation

Property I'dlike to give you a snapshot of a newtechnical information paper on thevaluation of property plant equipmentand in a business before I do that Ithought you might be interested to knowwhat a what a tip actually is I'm suremany of you and not not heard that termbefore really there's nothing more thanthan what we used to know as guidancenotes sometime ago the I BSC decided wasgoing to reorganize its suite ofdocuments and in that process it decidedto reorganize them asset standards andtechnical information papers or tips and the Valuation.

Property is simply decided to follow that format so Valuations VIC a tip is really just what weused a nice guidance note so tip covers the valuation of property plantequipment of business so what'sdifferent about property plant equipmentand business from other types ofvaluation well probably find equipmentin the business is often specialized itsability to generate cash for thebusiness is this real reason for beingan autumn those assets have minimalvalue when you remove them from theirbusiness setting so that's substantiallythe difference between property plantequipment and a business and propertyplant equipment outside of a business agood example of this inter connectionbetween the value of property plantequipment and the business is somethinglike an or refinery if you think aboutthose assets they're very specializedthey.

Home Valaution really only have value to the extent that they contribute to thebusiness income of that of the businessthat are those assets and if you removeit up from their business settingthey're really just had minimal valueprobably scrap or salvage value howeverthere are occasions when externaleconomic factors can have a dramaticimpact on the business and itsunderlying assets so take a case of theor refinery well if external economic factors have an impact onthe mobile the price of the resourcethat can mean

Buyers Will Home Valuers that the value of theunderlying assets is seriously affectedto be there in a positive or negativeway this brings me to the concept ofhighest and best use as it relates tospecialized business assets theinterdependence of the SS amongstthemselves into the business can oftenhave a big impact on their and theirvalue and this may change as externalfactors impact them a good example mightbe a long-established manufacturingfacility in an area where industrial usewas perhaps that the primary use for along period but over time that that usesgeneral it has gradually changed towardscommercial or residential and so theunderlying land use the potential landuse has changed and what that means isthat potentially the highest and bestuse of that aggregate group of assetswould be to changes.